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About PSS Protective Laminates

Conventional window glass is not designed to resist earthquakes, windblown debris, explosions, ballistics or terrorist attacks. Subjected to such stresses, existing glass can break into shards that can endanger occupants and passers-by.


Our laminates are specifically designed to transform your weakest link into a source of strength. Our glass laminates are manufactured into a micro-thin transparent window film. This revolutionises regular glass into a barrier that can resist the force of earthquakes, explosions, high impact projectiles, small firearms and extreme weather conditions.


PSS laminates are exceptionally strong and will, in most cases, hold the window together and prevent flying glass shards, if glass is broken by:


  • the torsional twist of an earthquake
  • a bomb blast
  • extreme weather
  • intentional damage.


PSS Advanced and Elite laminates are also designed to resist impact from high velocity bullets and shrapnel. With the correct combination of glass and laminate layers, you have a secure and cost effective alternative to expensive bulletproof glass. This is the only truly ballistic window laminate available on the market today.

Importantly for Australasian markets, our laminates provide a minimum of 99% UV protection. Thus providing further protection for the internal infrastructure, furniture and possessions within a building.


If your building is subjected to a seismic event, attempted entry or other incident where the windows are broken, our laminates will, in most cases, hold the glass together. This maintains the security of the building envelope so that the contents of the building remain safe and secure.


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