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Advanced Security Glass Film

PSS Advanced film provides a similar premier level of protection as our Elite laminate without the clear coat anti scratch protection. It has a surface that is more suited to the bonding process when applying multi-layers to protect from specific threats.


Suitable film for anti-ballistics and general ballistic mitigation of the ever popular
AK47. Use on flat glass only. This requires special training for installation standards
to be attainted.


Advanced film can withstand:

  • High level of fragmentation retention
  • High end bomb blast and explosive resistance
  • Firearms resistance from firearm rounds such as 9mm, 12 gauge shotgun
    and AK47 Full Metal Jacket


Multi6 layer configuration installation required

  • Three layers of Virgin TM PET Substrate
  • Two layers of specialist Plus Aggressor TM PET-PET Adhesive
  • One layer of specialist Plus Aggressor TM PET-Glass Adhesive


Bullet resistant Window laminate film
Our Advanced film has achieved the equivalent of
NIJ level III & HG2 (NIJ level IIIA)

AK47 from a distance of 5 metres
NIJ level III: 19mm glass using 5 layers of Advanced laminate

HG2 (NIJ level III A): 19mm glass using 6 layers of Advanced laminate

9mm round from a distance of 5 metres

12mm glass using 3 layers of Advanced laminate
12mm glass using 5 layers of Advanced laminate

This film is also suitable to withstand multiple ballistic impact points. Calibre resistance and glass thickness thresholds are determined by an authorised Cratos specialist, ballistic engineer or ballistic expert.



(Based on multi-layer application and will vary based on layering adoption)


Break Performance 336 lbs/inch per layer
Peel Performance: 29,500 PSI per layer

Mounting Performance:

Aggressor plus bonding
UV Rejection: 99.5%
Solar Protection Efficiency:
Solar Energy Rejected: 38%
Thickness: 12 mil, 305 Microns (1mil = 1 thousandth of an inch)


Installation must be performed by an approved Cratos installer.


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