PSS Safety Glass Laminate In New Zealand "Cratos Ltd" Excel Security Films

PSS Excel Laminate

Smash and Grab Window Laminate


  • Standard security in a 2 ply laminate
  • Graffiti protection
  • Bomb blast and explosive resistance



PSS products compliment your safety and security needs. Excel security laminate serves as part of an overall glass protection system that in most cases discourages smash and grabs and protects against seismic events.

Glass windows and doors treated with Excel are almost impenetrable, even under the most violent attacks. If your window breaks, our laminate adhesive grip will hold the majority of broken glass fragments together and it will continue to resist penetration.

Excel security laminate also protects during life threatening situations such as explosions and vandalism. Its superior hold keeps lethal glass shards together, to minimise injury and to provide you additional time to escape.



Break Performance: 221Ibs/inch (width) per layer
Tensile Performance:         
28,000 PSI per layer
Peel Performance: 8 lbs/inch (3.63 kg/2.54 cm)
Mounting Performance: PS High Bond Acrylic Adhesive -14lbs (6.35kg per ream)
UV Rejection: 99%
Visible Light Transmission: 92%
Solar Protection Efficiency: 82% Transmitted; 10% Reflected; 8% Absorbed
Solar Energy Rejected: 17%
Thickness: 8mil, 203 Microns (1mil = 1 thousandth of an inch)

Installation must be performed by an approved Cratos installer.


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