PSS Safety Glass Films In New Zealand

PSS Safety Glass Films In New Zealand

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Seismic Protection - For Glass as Well as Buildings

Seismic events, by their very nature, are unpredictable in strength, duration and effect. Efforts to strengthen buildings to cope with the effects of an earthquake often overlook the vulnerability of the glass elements that make up the building.


Some modern glazing systems allow for a degree of drift, which means that there is some flexibility within the window frame prior to the glass becoming the subject of the seismic forces acting on the building as a whole. However, this is not an exact science and it has been demonstrated, on many occasions, that windows subjected to such forces often shatter sometimes causing catastrophic injuries and/or death.



Protect the People Inside and Outside Your Building From Flying Glass


Our PSS laminates will protect the occupants of buildings and passers-by from the terrible effects of flying glass shards. The laminates are exceptionally strong and will, in most cases, hold the window together and prevent these injuries. With the ability to both retro fit and apply to new glass it is the ideal solution to this issue.


Additionally, this will enhance post event security by maintaining the building envelope, potentially allowing early and safer re-entry, business continuity and ensuring the subsequent clean-up is significantly easier and cheaper.



Studies Prove Laminates and Security Films Offer Enhanced Protection in a Seismic Event


American studies* have shown that there are significant advantages in applying laminates or films to windows to improve safety in a seismic event. Where non-filmed windows were tested and failed 75% of the area of glass fell from the specimen whereas with film applied a figure in excess of 99% for glass containment was achieved. Additionally, the stronger and thicker the laminate/film the easier it was to handle and replace post event.


Let us help you ensure the safety of your people and those passing your building as well as enhancing your security both pre and post event.


*Experimental Evaluation of the In-Plane Seismic Behavior of Storefront Window Systems by Charles Eva and Tara Hutchinson 2010


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