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Welcome to Cratos - Seismic, Ballistic and Security Laminate on Glass

Cratos is a Greek God, a winged protector and the personification of strength and power.


Cratos Limited is the distributor for PSS Safety Glass Laminate for New Zealand, Australia and Asia, founded by proven safety professionals to enhance public safety and security by bringing leading technology and product solutions to real world problems.

As such we are very excited to have been chosen as the sole Australasian distributor to represent the Pro-Tect Security Systems (PSS) range of glass laminates.

Properties worldwide make use of glass on the exterior and interior of the building. This aesthetic choice has obvious benefits in terms of light entry and exterior views, and leads to a pleasant working and living environment. But the use of extended areas of glass significantly increases the security and safety risk to a building.

Our security, seismic and ballistic laminate can be installed either on new or existing glass in commercial buildings, homes and vehicles in the same way that conventional window films currently are. Once installed, and when it counts, they give a level of superior protection unmatched by existing products.


Ideal users for seismic solutions

  • Shop windows
  • Office environments
  • Retail malls
  • Educational establishments
  • Commercial high rise buildings
  • Government buildings
  • Buildings with overhead glass


Ideal users for security solutions

  • Public interface buildings
  • Government buildings
  • Correctional facilities
  • Banks
  • Jewellery stores
  • Museums/Public displays
  • Petrol stations
  • Offices
  • VIP transport


Advantages of our seismic, ballistic and security laminate

  • Minimal reduction in visible light transmission
  • Exceptional clarity
  • Protection from flying glass
  • Building envelope remains intact
  • Significant savings compared to other glazing solutions
  • Retro fitting
  • Solar and UV filtering/protection
  • The only ballistic laminate available
  • Has defeated up to AK47 rounds
  • Enhances the inherent strength of all existing glass including anti-bandit (AB) glass


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